Photographer Laura Kaczmarek graces our Young Leo pages this morning with a gorgeous nostalgia filled photo story. Endearing and playful, charming and with a beautiful sense of narrative; Laura & her muse Aziz explore the charmingly desolate inner city landscapes. Brave compositions compliment her dreamy colour palette and youthful styling. Model Aziz acts as a perfect muse; his free spirit and playful posing proving to be truly captivating.

Top: Ezekiel, Shorts: Dickies, Underwear: Calvin Klein, Socks: Spiro 76, Shoes: Converse Cons x Civilist.

Cap: Flea Market, Bottoms: Dickies, Underwear: Calvin Klein, Socks: Spiro 76.

Top: Reel.

Photography & Styling: Laura Kaczmarek
Model: Boubacar Azizi Dembele

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